Mind Palaces

This week has been interesting as I have further developed my mind palace capabilities. Last few days, while running in the morning, I was able to memorize a 100 digit number in about 20 minutes. My son and I were at Lowe’s buying some hardware for his robot that he is building for a competition. We selected a bunch of bolts, washers, and nuts. We needed to write down the numbers on a piece of paper to bring to the cash register. Instead, I decided to use my mind palace! It was pretty fun at checkout when the lady said, “did you write down the numbers for these?” We do not need to write them down because the first one is Tyrion Lannister paying with gold for a new candlestick (63 – 63 – 1). Those nuts are Tyrion Lannister shooting the sheriff playing a saxophone (63 – 40 – 6).

I have been trying to learn how to create better videos and have a better YouTube channel. One of the videos that I created this week is on the Mind Palace that I have built for memorization. My Mind Palace is the first video. I have also spent some time trying to make Youtube make more sense when posting videos. The conventional wisdom is that I focus on one thing and become good at it with lots of content people will want to see on that topic. That might be true, but I have far too many eccentric interests to stay on one topic like that!

I have also been posting videos on my 365 Commitment. I reached a major milestone this week and recorded Day 250 – Milestone reached to commemorate the event. I have been keeping the 365 commitment for over 250 days now. This includes the running, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats I have done every morning for 200 days in a row.

The week was dominated by a focus on some large global clients of ours, and I have been working through all the various issues you encounter when trying to negotiate a global world wide contract. This is not easy, and in one case recent trade legislation changes impacted my ability to get one aspect of the negotiation resolved.

I ended the week getting pretty frustrated with the amount of email, text messages, voice mails, and physical mail that bombards me all day long. I notice that it is basically controlling my life and causing me massive anxiety. I wrote this blog on Day 251 of my commitment and decided that at the end of everyday I am going to clear out my inboxes and essentially DELETE EVERYTHING. This resolution has had some interesting impacts on me this last few days. We will see if this produces a positive effect in a few months of following the resolution.