Updating Plugins and the WordPress White Screen of Death

After updating wordpress plugins you may frequently encounter the dreaded WordPress White Screen of Death. How to handle this?


You can easily rename the plugins directory so that WordPress will not access the plugins when trying to load your website. You will need to do this if you cannot load the WP-ADMIN site. If you can access the WP-ADMIN site then you can simply disable plugins one at a time until you find the culprit.

However – assuming you cannot access the WP-ADMIN site, then renaming the plugins directory should allow you to get access to WP-ADMIN. Then if you go to the plugins section of WP-ADMIN then wordpress will disable all the plugins.

You can then rename the plugins folder back to the original name and reload /wp-admin/plugins.php

You will now see the plugins in WP-ADMIN again and you can try to find out which one is causing you the issue by activating them one at a time.